March 17, 2008

I know I've mentioned the Ele-visions at work more than once here. Today's post is courtesy of said Ele-visions. Today's 'Daily Poll' was this:

Is OK to smash your car door into another car that parked too close to you?

WTF? That's like asking "Is it OK to punch someone because they stood too close to you on the metro?" Anyone that answers yes to that question needs to have their driver's license permanently revoked.


jd said...

nuh huh, I think it should be mandatory to smash your car door into the car that parks too close. People should learn how to park. All these willy nilly parking too close to my benz, can't parallel park to save there lives fools should have their licenses revoked.

Pisco Sours said...


Conradb3 said...

Hrm... Someone has anger-management issues. Why is it people are so quick to react with anger against strangers?

Would this person feel the same way if it was aunt, uncle or mom who parked too close - and probably without even being aware of it.

I mean, who parks too close to the car next to them on purpose. Most people have a hard enough time keeping dings out of their car doors as it is.