September 4, 2007

Three-day, Free-day

It was a very busy, if not relaxing, holiday weekend chez Condo. All I really wanted was to spend some time doing absolutely nothing. Somehow, we were on the go all weekend long. I’m conflicted because I enjoyed everything we did, but I do wish that I would have had a bit more time to just chill and do nothing.

Saturday we spend the first part of the day giving the place a much needed cleaning. It was one of those thorough cleanings where you move furniture that you normally don’t move. Six hours and seven bags of trash later we were finished. We then called up some friends – including a friend we usually don’t to too much with – and headed to Micro Center so Le Major could browse all the techie stuff. Then it was off to a wonderful Japanese place for a nice dinner. Conversation and food flowed and all were happy.

Sunday was a little lazier. We took Roxy over to the park for a cookout with our next-door neighbors. We had a good time socializing and Roxy met some new dogs. Five hours in the sun was enough to tire Roxy and I out. I did catch part of an interesting documentary about what would happen if a super comet smashed into Earth. In case you’re wondering, just about everyone and everything dies.
Monday we went out to the National Air and Space Museum with our friend the ‘Malator. We saw many planes. I’m not all that into aviation, so the place lost appeal after awhile. The Major and The ‘Matalor had a great time though. We got back to the house, ordered pizza and watched TV that will rot your brain. Oh, and I did about 4 loads of laundry.


Conradb3 said...

What on Earth is a 'Matalor? Is it like a super comet that smashes into Earth killing everyone and everything?

AJ said...

Um, I can't spell. A malator is a suffix. For example, I call those awful arm bikes, armalators -- cause they work your arms. So the 'malator is just a nickname I have for the friend. I'd mention her name, but I'm protecting her anonymity. :-D

Jo said...

lol, so many questions not enough space in comment area... must... call... crazy-j