August 24, 2007

Because I couldn't seem to motivate myself this week, I get to take work home this weekend. It like totally blows chunks, Heather, that I have to spend time working at home. On the positive side, it's something I actually enjoy doing.

Granted, I probably don't have to this. However, I want to be able to surprise the bossman when he gets back from vacation on Monday with a fully completed project. So while you're all out there enjoying the 110 degree weather (what's up with that anyway? From 75 to 110 in 2 days?!) think of me sitting at home building a website from the ground up. And cursing at my laptop because I can't get the HTML or Javascript to work the way I want.


jen said...

gee... beats my friday night of teaching Bible study at the local prison... in greek.

Conradb3 said...

And I was playing tennis in that heat all weekend long... Of course, I loved every second of it.