August 18, 2006

I Stand Corrected

Pretty Princess Update:
So, I have to revise my initial thoughts about the P.P. I ride the bus with. Today 2 things happened which made me re-evaluate my initial assessment of her royal snootiness -- one upwards and one downwards.

1) She was exceptionally late for the bus this morning. She gets on one stop before I do, and I saw the bus rounding the corner and what to my wondering eyes did appear as the bus pulled into Ms. Gucci-Prada-LV's stop? That's right, Mz. Thing (she's not married, she's a got a huge hunk of a faux-rock on her wedding finger that definately isn't a wedding ring, but most assuredly is costume jewelery from Wal*Mart), came tearing around the corner after the bus, ribbons streaming out behind her head from her black EasterBonnet hat. She makes it to the stop and what does she do? As people are waiting in line to get on the bus, she barrels in front of the only guy left waiting to get on the bus and hops on in front of him. Minus 160 Pretty Points Mz. Princess. See that line there? See those people waiting? The correct thing to do is wait your turn in line behind everyone else who was there in front of you.

2) As it turns out Mz. Overly-Made-Up-Thang, also rides the same metro line as I do, and transfers at the same station that I do. (I forgot to mention that she's got a nose like Michael Jackson circa 2001, and wears so much foundation/blush you can actually see it sparkle on her face. Yes, my dear Viriginia, it actually looks like the stuff has crystalized on her face.) So, we're waiting for the train, and I see Mz. P.P. standing next to me, and then some random Latino comes up and starts babbling in Spanish at her. She initially looked at him like he was crazy and I thought to myself "Silly Latino, don't you know one doesn't speak to the Prettiest of Princesses?" The train arrived and she actually sat down next to the Latino and started speaking in Spanish with him!!! And she actually smiled at him!! My world view has been altered. I love that she speaks Spanish, so despite her initial hob-snobbery I give her +161 pretty points.

Net Result: The whole bus stop incident was pretty heinous, so -160, but the cool Spanish talking with the commoners +161. She earns 1 point today, because as cool as the metro incident was, it wasn't enough to atone for her bus stunt.

Behave yourself Mz. Princess, we're out there watching you.

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