August 22, 2006

Consolation Prize

So, I was browsing the internets this morning, catching up on my news and seeing if anything else has blown up, or been sucked up by the next massive super-hurricane, and I came across this.

Most of my friends know that I'm a SG-1 junkie, although my addiction isn't quite as powerful as a crack-addict's need for a fix. Let's just say I own several seasons on DVD, and I'm slowly working my way through Season 4 right now and I bought Season 5 as a birthday gift to myself a few weeks ago. Also, MajorTexas and I have a Friday night ritual where we watch the new run episodes of SG-1, SG-A and Battlestar Galactica. (Although, with Sci-Fi's odd decision to start airing Season 3 of BG in October, and the StarGates in July -- there has been no Battlestar in the line up yet this season.) I digress.

Quite honestly, I'm a bit sad to see the original series go. It's one of the few decently written/acted/directed/produced shows on TV these days. And the idea behind it has intrigued me since I saw the original movie back in 1994. However, I'm not stark raving mad like some of the fanboys on the sci-fi message boards complaining that Sci-Fi has "totally screwed them over." (If you want some good quality conspiracy theories on the demise of Stargate SG-1, head on over to Sci-Fi and check out the bboard.) Ten seasons are a long time for any series to be on the air, and it's a vertible eternity for a science fiction series to be on the air. At this point, I still enjoy watching the show -- so better that it leave while it's still good than say hang around for 2 years after it's died like something bad out of The Reanimator. X-Files I'm looking at you!!!

Now if you want real outrage about a series being sent to its demise, just look at what happened to Dead Like Me. That show got reaped way before its time was up all because some idiot at ShoTime decided he wanted to do only shows that he brought to the station, so he cleaned the decks of all the programming that his precedecessor had put in place. The silver lining here is that, while Sci-Fi is debateably shooting itself in the foot by not renewing it's flagship series, it has however picked up Dead Like Me and is airing the episodes every Tuesday from 7-9. Maybe, just maybe, they'll pick the series up and start making new episodes.

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