July 23, 2007

Lazy, Hazy Lay-in

It was a very lazy weekend chez Condo this weekend. We didn't stir until at least 2, and we got lots of much needed rest and relaxation.

Friday night I went on an adventure to the Giant around 12:10 to buy allergy meds to combat the itchiness from the the percocet. While I was there I noticed I nice big pile of Harry Potter by customer service, so I helped myself to a copy. I am happy to report that it is an excellent book. Easily the best in the series. I may change my mind when I'm finished with the book. For now at the 200 page mark, I'm very pleased with it.

Saturday we took a trip down to the outlet malls. I picked up some new work clothes at the Ralph Lauren store, and they weren't too terribly expensive for once. Majorkins decided he wanted a palm tree while we were roaming Ikea, so we got one of those as well. We also spent a good deal of time at Best Buy. The Major bought a lot of stuff -- so I donated my $50 gift card to the war effort. And did you know that you can 'add memory' to Vista machine with a flash drive? I didn't, but I do now. My Vista laptop got a 2 GB boost to its memory thanks to the inventiveness of a certain special someone.

Sunday was pretty lazy too. We did manage to make it to a cook-out at a friend's place. We had a great time and it was nice to just relax and hang out with friends. And it helped that the food was really good. (Note to self: be sure to get invited to more parties at this place again.)

Given that we were so lazy this weekend, I'll have to do laundry sometime during the week. And get my car detailed. And get the oil changed. And get it washed. And I should probably clean the house too. I've let the Major's mess get completely out-of-hand.

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