September 5, 2006

Old 'n' Busted

Once you turn 33, there must be some power (probably the Flying Spaghetti Monster) that automatically goes poof! voila! and now you are old and busted!

My left shoulder and neck have been bothering me for some time, being somewhat stiff and sore and a good day. On a bad day, all bets are off. Friday was a particulary bad day, and after my less-than-happy-making trip to the ER the Friday before, I decided I'd call my Primary Care Provider. He checked me out, looked at the X-rays from the ER, and:

VIOLA! Herniated Disk (no saving throw)

The good doctor ordered up an MRI for me (which is set for this coming Friday @ 11) and then referred me to an Orthopedic Something-or-Other Doctor to review the results of the MRI. (That will probably be on a Friday as well, because all this crap seems to happen on Fridays.)

Right now I'm a little nervous because I don't know what the course of treatment is going to be, how bad the situation is, etc. I've done some reasearch on the net, and I have some idea what to expect, it's just this not knowing what and how this applies to me that's driving me crazy.

Hopefully, this will be easily remedied. But I will say this to the concept of "Injection Therapy" that my doctor specifically mentioned

Ain't no way you're sticking big ass needles in my neck!


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