September 28, 2006

Do You Smell That?

It must be election season.

I just read this and I'm alternatingly baffled and pissed off.

Greatest Threat? I don't think so. With all the other problems facing our country, that she would even make this claim is just sheer political pandering: Gotta keep the right-wing religio-nut jobs in a constant state of fear or we're gonna lose this election.

My apologies to my readers of Faith, but it's crap like this that makes me feel totally justified in thinking that Religion is a very bad thing. Or perhaps I should clarify and say the manipulation of people's religious beliefs is a very bad thing. Of course, this wouldn't be an issue if religion didn't exist.

1 comment:

khouria jen said...

hey... it's that or admit that they're putzes for allowing the moron in the white house to take us to war.

(of all the issues in my daily life, the preservation of MY marriage is a hell of a lot higher than same-sex unions.)