September 21, 2006

Let the Healing Commence

I had my very first Physical Therapy session this morning. The first of at least 8 to be exact. All in all, it wasn't a bad experience. I have my own "case-worker" -- for lack of a better word, that will evaluate me each and every time I go to the clinic. There's also a PT instructor assigned to me, who's given me very specific excerises to do while I'm there, and also 2 times a day when I don't have PT.

I'll admit I was a little leary of the whole PT thing at first. It seems/ed a little too granola/she-she-la-la for my tastes. I guess at heart I'm a cut-em-open and slice out the offending problem type of guy. But I am willing to at least see if this PT stuff will work.

And Sarah will love the fact that part of my training routine involves the arm-bike ... otherwise known as the Arm-a-lator 4000. We used to watch the people across the alley in our old office on the Armatron and make fun of them. I deeply regret that -- the arm machine is no joke. That thing hurts! After 5 minutes my arms were on fire.

I'll keep a running update of my PT-saga. And to date, I don't think they like anything about me. I was told I need to improve my posture, my work space, and how I sleep. I can't even sleep correctly. And here I thought all one had to do was lay down. Apparently, laying on your stomach is verboten.

Here's to a new and improved me.

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the khouria said...

geez... my pt for a neck injury was deep tissue massage!