September 5, 2006

Man vs. Manta Ray

Frequently I watch those shows on Animal Planet that feature the world's most deadly or venemous animals and I wonder to myself. How much danger are the Steve Irwins and the Jeff Corwins actually in when they're messing around with these nasty creatures? What would actually happen to them if one attacked them when they were filming the documentary?

Thanks to Steve Irwin, I now have the answer to that question:

It was the Manta Ray, in the Great Barrier Reef, with the tail barb to the heart.

The media is calling this a "freak accident." Nothing really freakish about being attacked by a manta ray while swimming in manta ray infested waters with a camera crew and a bunch of other stuff that shouldn't be there. I'd actually call the end result inevitable. Mess with dangerous animals long enough and one of them will eventually kill you.

My condolences to his family.

My congratulations to all the bookies. I bet no one had a bet on "manta ray barb to the heart."

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