September 14, 2006

How not to do business

I'll try to keep this one short and sweet.

Nintendo has been working on the latest Zelda Game, for ages. It was due out in 2005, but they announced a delay to improve the title, and told fans to expect it in early 2006. Well, at E3 they announced their new news:

The Wii (their new console)[and what the hell type of name is Wii, anyway?!?!) will be released later this year (date to follow). Also, we've decided that the Zelda game will be released simulataneously for the Game Cube and the Wii on the Wii's launch date.

We now have a launch date for the Wii -- November 19th. But Nintendo has decided that only the Wii version of the Zelda game will be released on November 19th. Game Cube owners have to wait until Dec. 11th to get the game.

So, in summary -- you announce a game for a specific platform, then delay that game by over a year to improve it. During that year you're not really improving it, you're porting it to your new game system (which costs $250) and then you decide that you're going to make your currently installed user base wait 3 extra weeks for the game in the hopes that they'll buy a Wii and the game for the Wii, instead of waiting for the Game Cube game.

Well, Nintendo -- you lose. You fail. You see, I am going to by the Game Cube Version because I own a Game Cube, and over the past 3 years that I've owned one I've bought exactly 4 games for the system. You are not getting any more of my money outside of this next Zelda. And with your new controler the "wii-mote" where you actually have to hack and slash with the remote to make your character do things? -- that's a gimmick, not good game play. That'll get old real quick.

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