September 26, 2006

I've Been a Bad AJ

So I haven't been doing my necksercizes. Not even a little bit.

I know I should be, but somehow I just don't find the time in the day to tilt my head to the side and hold for 5 seconds. Plus all the other random combinations of tilt and hold that I'm supposed to be doing. I better do them today, because I've got PT tomorrow.

At least I have started sleeping on my side. So I can say to the PT people that I have done something that they've told me to do. The down side to this is the dog now has room on the bed to curl up next to me while I'm sleeping. And she's a bed hog.


Neil Morse said...

Not to worry, AJ. I'll be happy to wring your neck for you! :-)

khouria jen said...

cats are worse bed hogs, especially tabbies stretched out to full length. they also kill anything that moves.

(so says she who moves to the futon once two or more cats climb on the bed because tall husband + cats = 6 inches of space for me.)