September 28, 2006

PT, Part 2

The PT gods giveth and they taketh away.

The most excellent:
-- Each time I go, now I will get a head/neck/shoulders massage ... for 30 minutes.

The most heinous:
--They've added a new set of exercises to my list. And they're all painful. I'll stick a rolled towel under your shoulder blades and make you wave your arms around like a cheerleader on speed and see how much you like little miss perky gym leader.

In summary, I felt really good at the end of my first 30 minutes of PT (even got rid of my headache), but the second 30 minutes were torture. Screw the necksercises for today, I'm taking a nap.

[UPDATE:] I actually have 2 separate PT people treating me. Think along the lines of good cop, bad cop. The good one gives me neck massages, the bad one makes me use the arm bike and do painful stretches. But I know they're working as a team, so I know the evil is widespread and invasive.


Neil Morse said...

Who is your PTist anyway? Mistress Domina?

khouria jen said...

geez... after my deep tissue massage, they'd electrocute me.

AJ said...

I fear that's in my future. The orthopedic doctor that's associated with the PT Clinic mentioned something about an EMG (?). Are they trying to cure our conditions or give us aversion therapy?

khouria jen said...

dunno... i'm not sure what part of me they're trying to avert -- i'm about as boring and straight-edge as they come.

(neil, any comments on the above will result in me force-feeding you zucchini bread through your nose.)