September 14, 2006

East Siiiiiiiiii-de!

I like following hurricane news. I like reading about natural disasters. I like reading And I must say, I'm very disappointed with the Atlantic this year. What's wrong with you Atlantic? You're only up to Hurricane Gordon (no threat to land) and Hurri-something Helene (which may or may not destroy things.)

I'd like you my dear Atlantic, to take a good look at your sister -- the Pacific. She's been busy this year. She's already up to Tropical Storm Lane. That means she's 4 storms ahead of you. Yes, you may have produced Katrina, Rita and Wilma last year, but the Pacific gave us Typhoon Longwang. -- We'll call that one a draw. But you're losing this year, and you just can't rest on your laurels.

Besides, the "k" storm for you this year is "kirk," and I want to see the following headline:

Hurricane Kirk (Cameron) blows and blusters in South Beach.

So get to churning! My edu-tainment is depending on you!

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