October 19, 2006

Even More Cowbell

Here's another Evil Twin story to make you happy.

Shortly after the great car-napping, my brother decided he was going to up the ante. It was January of our Junior year of high school, and the foreign exchange student (that I stayed with in Costa Rica) was up on his half of the exchange program.

At about midnight, my brother decides that he wants to start a fire. He preps the fireplace, but it won't stay lit. Being the smart cookie he is, he went and got BBQ lighter fluid. Still no luck, no fire. Apparently not wanting to be outsmarted by the fireplace, he pulls in the big guns. That's right, the gasoline cannister for the lawn mower. He douses the logs and throws a match on the fire. With predictable results. It's truly amazing what will happen when you don't open the flue.

This caused the smoke detector to go off, which woke up my sister, mother and the exchange student. Me, I slept through it. It also burned all the hair off the front of his body. When he got home from kiddy jail 3 days later, his eyebrows had just started to grow back in. I bet he was a real big hit there.

Oh, and I had the extreme priviledge of explaining where my brother had gone to the foreign exchange student. In Spanish.

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