October 19, 2006

This Thread Needs More Cowbell

With the news enough to make a sane persons blood boil posted over at Neil's and Jen's , I've decided that the world needs a little more happy. Sure, that story is profoundly disturbing, and I'll probably make a post about it later, but I've decided to write a run-on sentence and post about something happy.

I went to Petco this afternoon to get dog food for the labradork, and I also ended up picking up some new toys for her. It makes me happy thinking of how she's going to get all excited about a new toy, and then I get to see her romping and being silly. I found this toy called a cuz, which they have loads of at the dog park that we take Roxy to and she loves those toys, so I bought one for her.

I got home and gave it to her, and she happily pranced around the house making it squeak. Awhile later, it was time for her walk. We walked downstairs and she got to her favorite spot. She did her business in record time, and rushed back to the elevator. I was a bit confused, until I opened the door to the condo. She ran to her new toy and she hasn't stopped playing with it since. Occasionally, she'll look out from the guest bedroom to make sure I'm still around, wag her tail at me, then squeak her cuz and disappear back into the bedroom.

Happy dogs are truly good for the soul.

squeak, squeak, squeak!


Pisco Sours said...

A healthy AJ is good for the soul, as well!

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