October 18, 2006

Redux -- II

Many tests were had at the doctor's office. Chest x-rays, spirographs, and some weird inhale the pretty smoke thing. The doctor was really disappointed I didn't have asthmal pnemonia. Seriously, he was very bummed out that I just have bronchitis. He even went as far to say that maybe the tests weren't just good efforts on my part. Hello?! How hard is it to blow into a tube? How can you fail that test?

I've been put on some pretty massive antibiotics, but none of the cool cough medicine, because I'm violently allergic to codeine. My boss has quarentined me to my house. He doesn't want me coming in at all if there's even the remotest chance I'll pass this along. You know, because he's like going on vacation 'n stuff. I wonder if he's going to pay for all this time off he's forcing me to take. It's not like I made the decision to stay home, I was told to stay home.

I'm going to go take some theraflu, an antibiotic, grab the puppy and kitty and curl up in the bed. There shall be much sleep and Voltron watching in my future today.


Neil Morse said...

Feel better soon, AJ, and let me know if y'all need anything!

khouria jen said...

the smoke thingy was nebulizer treatment. basically, you're inhaling adrenaline to make your bronchial passages open. (ask me how i know this.)

so which antibiotics? i'm also pretty violently allergic to codeine which includes the synthetic versions that idiot er docs like to give me. this means no vicodyn, no percocet, and no awesome cough syrup.

AJ said...

I've been put on Augmentin -- it's combination of Amoxicillin and something else. All told, there's 1000 mg of antibiotics per pill.

It's odd that you can't have the synthetics -- I can. But I can't have codeine derivatives, like demerol. I've had the same problem with idiot doctors trying to give me the derivatives.

Makes you wonder if they really know what they're giving you. I'd think it'd be required knowledge what drugs are in what families and what they are derived from.

AJ said...

And how do you know what nebulizer treatment is? :-D Inquiring, sick, coughing minds want to know.

khouria jen said...

codeine derivatives kind of vary with me. demerol has made me vomit profusely but it's also been ok a couple times. morphine is the best stuff on the planet.

as for nebulizer treatment, i have moderate to severe asthma and when i get bronchitis, it's almost a straight "admit jen to the hospital" event. the last time was 2 1/2 years ago (it used to be monthly during my first year of college when i had almost constant bronchitis) and it makes me really dizzy.

the most fun one was when i was a senior in college and i ended up in the er one night. my mom and my brother were there and my brother would make me laugh and up my pulse to the point where something would go off at the nurse's station. they finally came over and told him to quit it. signing my name that night was like signing it with a vibrating pen -- i could barely walk.

(i'm also tiny so maybe it affects me more.)