October 10, 2006

The Name Game

I've been meaning to propose a game for everyone to play. In my recent escapades at work, I've ran into a nice gentleman named LaNile. We're not going to talk about how whoever came up with that name for their child needs to have their head checked. People name their kids stupid things on a fairly regular basis. (See: Bad Baby Names for lots of entertainment.)

Shortly after meeting him, a friend and I decided that we needed to rename ourselves using the pattern that LaNile's parents came up with. Take a body of water in Africa then add a "La" in front of it, and presto! new name. We quickly released that we only knew of Lake Victoria, the Congo River and the Nile River, so we expanded the game to include names of countries. I suppose we could have also used names of other geological formations.

I'm now LaChad, and my partner in crime is LaTanzania.

The rules are simple:

1) Boy or girl you start with the prefix "LA" (since obviously LaNile's parents didn't get that memo).
2) Pick a body of water, a country name, a place name, etc. in Africa
3) Put the 2 together.
4) If the second half of your name starts with a vowel ... say, Ivory Coast then you are L'Ivory Coast. (I had to put this in there for Neil, because he's nit-picky like that.)

Go forth and name yourselves. And share the results.


Pisco Sours said...

The "Bad Baby Names" link is broken.


AJ said...

Bad Baby Names is now fixed.

khouria jen said...

there's also the utah baby namer.


Anonymous said...

You can also check out: