October 17, 2006

Evil Twin

As Jen and I have discovered, we both have evil twins. That's so cool. Also, I seem to know A LOT of twins. One of my closest friends from high school, lives in the DC area, and yep, she's a twin. When I was growing up, my next door neighbors were twins. The people who lived behind me? Yeah, they had twin sons. Both houses on the corner down the street? Twins, and twins. Five doors down in the other direction? You guessed it, twins too. And there were about 5 sets of twins at my high school. Must be something in the water in the greater Toledo area.

Look forward to some blogging about my evil twin brother. I'm looking forward to sharing the stories. And for those of you that have evil twins, share your stories too. Or share your evil family member stories if you don't have a twin. We've all got at least one crazy growing on the family tree.

NOTE: I tell stories about my brother as a way of dealing with it. My parents used to try to hide how disruptive he was -- you know the whole keep the family secrets thing. So, I'll respect any decisions to tell or not to tell.

APPETIZER: When we were 15, my brother stole mom's car for a joy ride. To meet a girl he met at the roller rink. He managed to drive the 25 miles to the other side of town, where upon he promptly backed the car up into a porch trying to parallel park. He then fled the scene of the crime and ended up hitting another car in the parking lot of a 7-11. Kiddy jailarity ensued. Probation ensued. Weekly visits with the parole officer ensued. No license until he was 18 ensued. And finally, a letter from my parents to the insurance company telling them that they would never let him drive one of their cars or try to insure him if they wished to keep their coverage ensued.


khouria jen said...

ok... you win for the most evil twin. my twin is not that evil.

Neil Morse said...

How about evil whatever-the-exact-opposite-of-twin-is? Because I've got stories about Bitchy you wouldn't believe.

Anonymous said...

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AJ said...

But I haven't even gotten to the really good stuff yet! The car just was the first of his truly evil acts.

Neil: Bitchy stories are good.

Neil Morse said...

Well, there was the time when Bitchy was 2 years old, and I was 10. I'd just had my wisdom teeth out, and I was still drugged up and groggy.

First thing the daft bint does when I come home, is toddle up to me for me to pick her up. All the better to PUNCH ME IN THE JAW!