October 11, 2006

It's Hard to Find Good Help

I called the PT office this morning to cancel my appointment tomorrow, because the love of my life has infected me with his heinous cold/coughing illness/whatever brand of icky that he has/had.

The salient points in that last sentence: cancel appointment, tomorrow.

I just got a call from the woman that I spoke with. It appears that she canceled the appointment I had on Oct. 5, and wasn't sure why she did that. So, she wanted to verify which appointment I wanted canceled.

It was all I could do not to say "Me. no. come. tomorrow. Me. sick. You. Get?"

*sigh* When you're coughing so hard your ass muscles are pulled, you don't need to deal with that. (Sorry, K. Jen -- I know I said I'd try to keep comments about the Greater Rear-opolitan Metro Area to a minimum, but I'm trying to keep a sense of humor about this.)

I'm off to medicate myself. You all play nicely.

1 comment:

khouria jen said...

k.jen -- that sounds like the name of a personal lubricant!!!!!

("khouria" is just a title. it means "pastor's wife" in arabic. i'm just jen.)