October 9, 2006

Not Gonna Make Nice

So. Very. Pissed.

Conservatives, consider this a kick upside your collective heads. It's time to wake up and realize that the Republican Party as you know it has morphed into the biggest lying bunch of corrupt scoundrels that has ever graced this once-great nation. I'm not saying it's wrong to be a conservative, nor am I mocking your political views. I am saying your Party in its current incarnation needs to go. Your leaders are rallying the wagons behind Mark Foley and trotting out all sorts of excuses for his behavior. In the face of evidence that many of the Republican Top Brass knew about Foley's behavior at least 10 months prior to the story coming out, they're playing a nice little game of cover our collective asses, deny everything, blame everyone else and my personal favorites -- blame Clinton and the Democrats knew about this before we did and leaked it to the press for poltical advantage.

Wake up! Wrong is wrong is wrong. The victims here are a) the pages b) the American people. Consider this: If a teacher were to have done what Mark Foley did, they would have been fired immediately, and full investigation would have been launched. Any school officials that were even implicated in having prior knowledge and not acting upon it would be out on their ears. These are children we're talking about people! And anyone that knew about this and sat on it deserves to be immediately removed from office. Period.

But the Republicans -- who control the House, the Senate, the Executive and the Judiciary -- have promised an investigation. Call me cynical, but I don't see anyone getting in any trouble at all over this. Remember when Bill Clinton got a blow job from another consenting adult? Remember all the investigations? Remember all the time and money spent on that? Where's your outrage over an illegal and non-consentual act? Where's your outrage over people trying to cover this up? If consentual sex (albeit gross and skeezy) between adults is immoral, then Foley's acts are certainly past immoral. You can't have it both ways.

This liberal is done. D-O-N-E. done with this load. And this liberal wants all you conservatives out there to stop making excuses for these scumbags. See past whatever smoke screen comes out in the latest talking point. I'm not asking you to become liberals -- I'm asking you to hold your party responsible, and guide them back to what your party should be instead of what it's become.

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