November 1, 2006

Gettin' Slimy

I was driving to my local slevenry this evening when I noticed something very very odd. For the past 2 to 3 weeks, the signage for the upcoming election was split pretty evenly between Allen and Webb. You could tell that the Allen folks had come late to the party, because all his signs were placed directly in front of the Webb signs and also at the end of every island and median.

I may be drawing a connection that isn't there, but it seems that the newest poll results that have Webb ahead by 4 points drove the local Allen fans over the edge. Regardless, I can report that almost all of the Webb signs have been removed, and in their place are shiny new Allen signs. The few Webb signs that remain are kind of mangled, as if someone tried to pull them out and couldn't quite get them out of the ground.

Lest the naysayers say that I'm imagining this all, there are now a grand total of 4 Webb signs. I never bothered to count them all before this evening, but I know for a fact there were more than 4, as the ratio was more or less even before this evening. Also, the majority of the signs for Moran (D-House of Reps) have remained in their original locations. That's not surprising as a) no one really knows who he is and b) to the best of my knowledge his seat isn't really in jeopardy.

It just doesn't get much sleazier than this.


khouria jen said...

and i thought the burns-tester race was icky...

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