November 7, 2006

Le Vote, C'est Chic

After a minor misadventure this morning, I made it to my assigned polling place. I was in and out in just under 10 minutes. I did have one of the machines that cut the end of Jim Webb's name off on the summary screen. It threw me for a loop initially -- even though I knew that this could be a problem in VA. A quick check of my sample ballot put my mind at ease, and I punched the "submit ballot" button.

Also, my polling place doesn't have touch-screen e-machines, but rather these machines use a scroll dial. It took some getting used to, which is a very bad thing. I'm pretty adaptable and tech savvy, and if these things threw me for a small loop, I can only imagine how the older folks are going to fare with them.

Get out and vote if you haven't already!

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