November 6, 2006

It's a great day to be gay

I think was taken over by the gays today. I first saw the article about Dougie Howser being a big old 'mo. (note if you're gay and going to come out, that was the right way to do it.)

Then I saw the article about Haggard. Not Haggar the Horrible, or Haggar the Witch from Voltron, rahter the Minister of the Church that ate Colorado. The Haggard that apparently ordered up some hot and steamy gay sex with a side of crystal meth from a gay prostitute.

He first only copped to the meth accusations (most likely because that was the hard evidence), and said that he only got a massage from the gay hooker. Today, however he says that he has a sexual problem. Poor guy is probably going to be shipped off to some "cure-the-gays" camp. Regardless of his faith, or what his parishoners and higher-ups believe, what this man really needs is some good old fashioned compassion. What he needs is someone to understand that by supressing his sexuality, he's caused him, his family, and countless others a lot of pain. He needs kindness, support, and understanding. What he doesn't need is someone telling him that he's going to hell, or trying to cure him; this guy spent the last 30 years of his life supressing his urges, and look where it got him.

If you're gay or have gay urges and you feel like the solution is to suppress that, that's fine. AS LONG AS YOU'RE SINGLE. Don't go out an marry a member of the opposite sex, have kids, and build a life with that person to prove that you're straight. I don't care if you lie to yourself -- the only person you're harming is yourself. But once you drag innocent people in that have no clue, then I'm going to have to take issue with that.

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